Tempo Giusto- the right speed.

I have a book recommendation for any speed addict out there. The world’s speed is now faster than our DNA can catch up. This causes many problems, mostly because we are on speed dial almost all the time.  Tempo Giusto means the right speed.

Carl Honore is the author of In Praise of Slowness (2004) and has researched the Slow Movement. In his book, he delivers information to the reader in a relatable way. It’s not about going fast all the time, nor is it about going slow all the time. As I’ve talked about in the blog before, it’s all about the balance in life.  I highly recommend this book. Stay healthy!

And if you’re just not quite ready to slow down enough read his book, here’s a link to his website.

http://www.carlhonore.com|In Praise of Slow

and if you need even more quick information, ( boy you really need to read his book) here’s  a youtube/tedtalk. It’s 19 minutes, hope you can take the time.


About Karin O'Brien

I enjoy learning about places, the people and their passions, the climate, the geography and the food of the world. In psychological terms, this gives me a connection to the world- a common ground with others of hobby, passion, and community. Wine is the bridge. I am a nurse practitioner with a WSET level I certificate from Napa Valley Wine Academy. I worked as a tour guide at a local winery and as a student assistant at Boston Wine School. Find me also on twitter @karinobrien434 and Facebook.com/karinobrien.wineandmeaning
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